Guided by her intuition she trusts in herself deeply

Soft and sensitive, her heart opens as she is willing to feel deeply 

Bold and brave in her decisions 

Cares for herself and treats herself as priority 

Frees herself of dissatisfaction and sacrificing or settling 

Creates her reality and claims her birthright to make her dreams reality 

Strong in her heart, head, and gut instincts

Deepens in her self knowledge and understanding 

Sensual with herself to nourish her connection within 

A Wild Woman is rooted in her desires and connected to what ignites her inner fire. 

She unapologetically goes after what she desires because she knows that as she carves this path for herself she is inviting others to do the same. 

I am that Wild Woman. 

I am in the pursuit of what fills my heart and my womb with abundant love. 

I trust my inner voice, as no voice outside of me can or will guide me, I look inward for my keys and codes to unveil my destiny. 

I claim my space with grace and an appetite to experience life to the fullest. 

I feel deeply, holding every part of me in my experiences. If I need to cry, I cry. If I need to laugh, I laugh. I embrace every part of me with the willingness to see myself clearly and honour what it means to be a human being. 

As a wild woman, I do not live by the code of others or make myself small to fit in the boxes constructed by those who have walked before me. 

I jump, sway and turn to dance along my own path. 

The wild woman in me makes choices that serve my highest good, regardless of the judgement or concern of others. 

The wild woman in me names my desires and claims them because I know I am capable of creation. 

I am a wild woman. 

YOUR wild woman is asking to be set free so she can live as she was meant to be.


My heart desires to create wealth doing what lights me up.


You read that right. I desire to create wealth.


Money can be such a taboo topic….Like sex.


Yet, sex is a part of creation, of life…


And money is a resource, a form of energy to give and receive.


Sex isn’t evil, money isn’t evil. 


I used to believe both were the devils lettuce. 


I used to avoid talking about money or asking for it. 


Now, my standards have shifted. 

I now love to receive, it truly lights me up.


I also choose to create wealth doing what is aligned with my ultimate truth and nothing outside of that.


My ultimate truth is that I am love and spaciousness and nothing can permeate through that unless I allow it....


This is how I choose to create wealth, from love and spaciousness. 

There is no hustle involved, no push, there IS time for self love, for the love of life and for everything I am blessed with.


I also choose to claim my power moment by moment by embracing my desires and by taking action. This is the foundation of wealth creation.


The desire, the decision, the action, and the magic.


I choose to own my truth, because no one else will do it for me.


I  choose to build from a foundation of total honesty within myself, because honesty is a pure form of love.


I decide to wake up everyday with openness and love for the life I have created for myself to experience.


I am a guide.


I serve others who wish to take a journey of radical self investigation and transformation. I use my lived experience, gifts, tools, and awareness to serve from the inner depths of my being.


Now I feel curious…


Are you wondering what it means to be served & to see your truth and unveil your heart's desires?


Tune in now....what are you desiring? To drink water, to move, to quit your job, to pee, to find a sexy, sensitive lover?...


Now...I am even more curious.


Are you wondering what it would mean to be served by me to bring your desires into your reality?


I will give you insight into what that looks like...


I will speak the truth with you.

I will say what I see.

I will guide you to live in truth and transparency for yourself - because I choose that for myself.


Maybe now you’re asking yourself what your next steps are…


Look within and you will find the answer waiting for you.


I am still resolving a piece of self abandonment.

While there are dark spaces within my psyche that have beliefs about myself which have caused me to abandon my desires, I see where they come from. 

Self abandonment stems from an old pattern within me, a part that is ready to die,  this part has wanted to be the “good little girl”. 

The girl who strives to be perfect to receive the love/acceptance she is craving. She sees this to be outside herself. In Truth, no amount of praise, validation, hugs, or patts on the back will fill her, because only she can fill this space inside of her. 

I have been on a hamster wheel...

Trying to win approval, be good, and win. Then when I do not receive  the love and acceptance I want *because I am not giving it to myself* I would punish myself for not being good enough and then force myself to get up and do better. This would go around and around. 

To release myself from the “good girl” pattern and to realize I am enough exactly as I am, I choose to show up as I am. This can feel terrifying to my shadows (the parts of me that want to continue buying into the hamster wheel story of the good little girl who must try to win love/acceptance). Yet, I know that in truth choosing to love me as I am will be the most fulfilling. 

I have cut holes in the loop of self-hatred, punishment and swimming in my own shit this week. I do not want to be the good girl on the hamster wheel.  And it’s not that I want to be bad either - I don’t need to get messy, or scream, or break any rules. I have tried that, and they are surface level solutions. 

Choosing to love myself, flaws and all, as I am right here and right now is my medicine. 

Funny story to interject here...I was laying on the deck two nights ago and I told myself, “I will not get up until I am committed to loving myself”. This is a pretty hilarious position to put myself in. I soon realized I was uncomfortable, needed to pee, get water, and move so that my dog, Opal, would stop jumping on my face. So I got up and I chose to love myself by giving myself what I needed. It was funny to see my good little girl even in that moment trying to be perfect by committing to love myself exactly as I “should” , bypassing the opportunity to actually do the thing and love myself, shitty thoughts and all. 

It’s important for me to see where I am trying to be more, do more, and to realize that I am showing up and how I am showing up is enough...more than enough it simply is. 

I also know that by showing up for myself in every step of the process I truly win. 

When I show up for each emotion, thought, sensation and love myself through it I create the space for my good little girl to be seen and then to be released. To feel the yucky emotions that she thinks are wrong or need to be hidden and to love myself. To take a leap and trust and let her know that I have us both and there is truly no way we could get this wrong. 

In essence, I am choosing to release her from trying and doing by being present through my  process. I am choosing to love and accept every single bit of me. Because life is way too short not too, and it is too painful to continue to run on the hamster wheel. 

With this decision to fill myself with love, I feel invincible. 

I choose to be honest

I sent my friend a message that was total BS. 

And this wasn't the first time an old pattern of not being completely 100% transparent with myself and then with someone else (for fear of hurting them) had come into the room to block me from speaking the truth. 

She asked me if I wanted to develop a project together. In that moment, I did not give myself the time required to think or feel into what I actually desired or needed. Instead, I turned to old patterns and I expressed interest in collaborating with her on this project... 

I was not being honest. 

And now I see how this opportunity showed up to further the framework for true honesty within myself and therefore with others. It was a gift to go deep down to the root of why I have not been honest with myself or others up until now. 

It took me 45-minutes of swearing, crying, and shadow clearing to realize that I was living out a fear pattern, which looked like me not standing for myself or speaking my truth. 

I now see that the little person inside of me was afraid of speaking up for fear of being punished. There was also fear of hurting someone else’s feelings by not saying yes to their idea/desire, and in return my pattern was to abandon my own truth and desire. This does not serve me or the other person, it creates little messes and anger within my system and this is not a story I will continue to live by. 

I am choosing to stand for myself and to use my voice. Even when it feels terrifying or uncomfortable, because I know that is exactly what I need to grow and to claim my power. 

So, I am now choosing to name what I see/think/feel/believe because it serves me, and in turn others. I know that I am safe as I do this, because I create my own safety. I do not need to fear conflict or argument or being put down, because the alternative of abandoning my own desires/needs/truth is far more painful than any conflict that could potentially arise with another person. I also know that I am the only one who can punish/hurt myself by making myself wrong for standing for myself or by abandoning myself...and I know that definitely does not serve me and I am no longer choosing that. 

This is a beautiful moment in time for me, because I am no longer subscribing to the self-sacrificing or self-limiting beliefs. It feels like I have taken off a very heavy backpack that I was unnecessarily lugging around for years. 

So now, what does my reality look like…

I choose to listen to my truth and my heart. I create space for my voice to be heard by me and I hold that space to shine brightly with others. 

I choose to express myself in truth and hold any tension that may arise, as I venture into this new space of standing for myself. 

When someone asks me if I want to do something I will say what I truly feel, want, or need. 

When someone asks me what I think, I will say what is true. 

When someone asks me what I feel, I will share. 

And if anything comes up to block me from doing that, I will name it right there, because I am not returning to the old energy/way of showing up. 

Speaking my truth is what I stand for and I am choosing it for myself now and onwards.

My Manifesto

I am a creative, strong woman. 

I love to express myself through my body and connect to the sensation of being alive. I am passionate about my own transformation and ever since I was a young child I have loved challenging myself to grow. This has shown up for me in dance, my spiritual development and as I gain more emotional intelligence. I am sensitive and also a force of nature, I stand for self-mastery and I have dedicated my younger and adult years to understanding where I get in my own way and how to expand beyond where I am right now. 

I believe I am here to know myself and  the human experience as deeply as I can. I am an entrepreneur who loves to bring innovative ideas to the world. I do this by creating workshops, digital embodiment courses, choreography, and money in ways that light my heart up. 

As an embodiment coach, I serve people to connect deeply to their true selves and to clear whatever is getting in the way of claiming their power and truth. I serve others through guided movement, writing, art, and unlocking their true expression. I support others to look at what they truly desire by tuning into their body and knowing their sacred yes and no. I also serve others to listen to and recognize their intuition and what they are being guided to choose. 

I teach people to break out of their comfort zone through physical expression, the use of the voice, and challenge how they show up in their relationships, at work and in life to feel more satisfied. I believe that everything is connected to the body and when we attune our body we strengthen our inner knowing. 

I create events for small and large groups of people and 1:1 coaching containers. I partner with other coaches (such as Reiki practitioners, wealth coaches, nutritionists, etc) to expand what the recipient is receiving. 

I create contemporary dance choreography and have recently found my love of creating dance outside. 

All of my work is rooted in what authentically desires to be expressed through the body, voice and in one’s life. 

I am skilled in seeing creative solutions to problems and coming up with big picture visions. I am very good at creating spaces for people to show up as themselves and accept themselves. I see what someone needs and guide them to take ownership of that and give to themselves. 

As an entrepreneur I have created two dance companies and was the artistic director of a disability dance company. I love to bring my ideas into reality by developing businesses or collaborating with other entrepreneurs and companies to create new offerings. My journey has been working with people with different disabilities, ages, genders, and experiences. 

I am quirky, a bit on the wild side, and I love to get curious about what it means to be alive.

A Dance With Desire

I kept circling around the same line...“I don’t know”

This one line was like a dark black cloud, it was suffocating my truth and my heart’s desire. 

There was a part of me ready to die and embrace the fact that I do know and I always have.  

My body was heavy, I wanted to sleep, I felt stuck in time and space. It was like someone had pressed the pause button on me in a movie, except everything around me was still moving. 

I thought I didn’t know where I was. I thought I was “lost”. 

That was a lie. I knew exactly where I was, I just wasn’t deciding what was next. Indecision is a soul sucker for me. 

In truth, I do know. I have always had an inner knowing, like all of us do. I know what I desire and what I need. 

I know that I need to trust myself and to listen to what I know. I know that I need to prioritize my desires and my truth no matter what...even if it looks like I am not doing the “right” thing in the eyes of others. Because there is no “right” or “wrong” way, there are decisions that lead to experiences and I know that what I am choosing now and now...and even now will serve me to continue to grow and learn. 

Because I can’t get this wrong, I can only experience what is. 

I know my heart’s desire is to serve others through  embodiment work, this is my true heart’s calling and always has been - and I am now listening very closely to what my heart and soul are saying is my next step. 

So back to my state of being frozen in time. 

I knew inside my heart what my next steps were and what I was deciding. Yet, there was a piece of me fearing making the decisions. 

So I jumped and decided anyway. 

I said no to some things and yes to others. 

Here is what I said yes to. 

Embodiment Coaching 1:1 with people who desire to deepen their connection to the sensations in their body, their emotions, self-expression, desires, intuition and inner knowing. 

Embodiment Events - the next one I am hosting is Season’s of Energy. This is a four week series happening in September with movement, art, and writing to understand and respond to your internal season’s of energy. Open to all people and experience levels. 

Improvisation technique classes for professional dancers 18+, the first series will be four weeks in September on Monday’s at 9:00 AM. 

I am also creating an embodiment e-course, which I am so excited about. 

Sharing Blissful Dance for EVERYbody who desires to move and groove. 

Lastly, a choreography project open to professional dancers.

These are what I am saying YES to...a whole big plate of yes. 

And, I am now saying NO to listening to other people and what they think I should or should not do. 

I am no longer choosing to lean on people or depend on others for my happiness, success, or satisfaction (because that sucks and leads to suffering, big time)

I am no longer choosing to swim in stories that block me from having what I desire and creating a life of truth and happiness. 

I AM choosing to listen to what my heart and soul says. 

I know that life responds to this way of being. Because when I am trusting my heart and my sacred yes, I am open to receiving deeply.

I value me

I had a conversation with a woman I appreciate who asked me why I don’t value her.

This stopped me in my tracks for a moment. 

Initially I thought this was a strange concept because I had believed that as long as I value myself it doesn’t matter if someone else values me or not, and in our conversation I was applying the same belief. 

While it is true that my value comes from within me and the same for her, we can choose to see someone else’s value or block ourselves from seeing it. 

I did some digging within myself and I realized I was not choosing to see her value because I had stories about her and was projecting my own BS onto her. These stories kept me from opening up to receive her genius. And when I reflected on this my heart felt tight, because I knew that I was blocking myself from receiving her love and light and all that she has to offer. 

I also realized I have had this relationship to many people throughout my past. I have not valued their opinions, beliefs, perspective, and lived experiences, because I have had my own stories and projections about them. That was a big pill to swallow and I see how it has shown up to teach me some big life lessons. 

I have learned that in order to have satisfying relationships I need to drop the stories and  projections and take 100% self-responsibility for myself, and I am learning to step into that more and more everyday.

I am now choosing to see the value each and every person has to offer, which fills my heart with love, because I know I will learn and open up more as I practice this and embody it. 

So now I am asking myself, what if someone else chooses not to see my value? 

How do I respond to stay rooted in my power and stand on my own two feet? 

I now know that I need to close the door and walk away from people who choose not to see my value. Not out of malice or avoidance, solely to open the door to spaces and relationships with others who are choosing to see their value and in turn to see mine. 

Now these are my old shadow stories that would have gotten in my way.  I am naming them here to expose the dark sides of my psyche and to choose differently. 

“Stay and show them your value” 

“Give them more of your time/energy and they will see your value”

“Provide your services for free and they will see your value”

None of those beLIEfs serve me or anyone else. 

Because if someone is choosing not to see my value then there is no space for them to receive my genius or to be served by me. It is a waste of time and energy. 

So here’s the beautiful part, the decision. I am now deciding to honour my value first and foremost within me. I choose to honour my time, energy, rate for services, body, mind, opinions, beliefs, and feelings. I also choose to honour my value when I am in a relationship with others. 

I know my next step is to clean up my world and to energetically close the door to people that I know are choosing not to see my value and to open the doors to those who do see my value.