Since I was a small child, I have always been a creator. I remember loving to build and make and envision new ideas.  It is amazing that I now understand that I am the creator of my reality in each and every moment. There is nothing in my world that I have not brought forward to serve my own about self responsibility. 

As a creator, I build my business to serve me, I choose to make art when it pleases me, to dance when my body needs it, and to create time and space to empty my mind daily so that I am available to receive. 

I have always been a healer, with a strong desire to heal myself from the inside out. I gravitated towards books to nourish my soul from age eight, and I have always been investigating/witnessing different parts of me to support my growth and to expand beyond my current state of being. 

I am bold and direct. 

This was a source of discomfort and insecurity growing up....I remember silencing my voice to appease others and now I know this is one of my beautiful strengths and using my voice not only serves me it also serves others. 

I have deep oceans of sensitivity and softness. 

I am a leader. 

I create space for my own transformation and from this place I serve others to go inside themselves to create radical change. I guide you to see the depths of your psyche to clear the darkness and make space for the light and love, the truth of your essence. 

I name what I see and I speak my truth, to experience what it means to be a human being with emotions, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. 

It is my honorable responsibility to learn, grow, and from this space to coach, serve, create, and in turn receive. 

I take action in alignment with my desires. Any other form of action does not serve me and I speak this to those around me with a soft boldness, as I desire to see all human beings uplevel and come into alignment with their TRUE essence. 

I connect deeply to the earth through herbs, food, my flesh, and my love for animals. 

Everything you have read up to this point is what I choose to experience to connect me to the universe, my inner understanding/concept of God. 

Are you denying the truth of who you are and what you are capable of creating? 

Are you disconnected from yourself and swimming in your own shit storm....ya I have been there? 

Maybe you’ve answered yes to the above…

Are you ready to clear out the muck and connect deeply to your truth? 

If you’re screaming YES YES YES (perhaps a scream inside yourself)...then book a call. Let’s talk truth.

As a leader and coach, I create spaces and environments to elevate others, I value creative innovation, and spaces of radical acceptance where people feel seen, heard, and understood.
A woman with long brown hair stands and laughs, she is wearing a black turtle neck and dark brown pants. There are mountains and trees behind her in the distance.