Welcome beautiful soul

I am happy you have landed here

I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge yourself and that you have made your way here to my website. 


This likely means that you are curious about self-mastery or embodiment or perhaps you are searching for something and you have arrived here. 

I graciously welcome you here in my digital space!


You may already be familiar with embodiment practices and self-development or this could be a new world to you. Either way, you are welcome here and your lived experiences are honored and valued. This is a space of learning and growth so any experience level is valuable.


I desire to share about myself and my lived experience with you. 

My name is Kyra Newton, and I am an Embodiment Coach. I have journeyed through many different paths to arrive here. Some were beautiful and eye opening, others were really challenging and down right sh***y. 

I have been a lifelong learner, I have always loved growing and challenging myself in all areas of my life. I sense I came out of my mother’s womb with this appetite for deeper inner knowing. I have turned outward many times looking for answers and solutions instead of realizing what I know is within me, and I always do know when I stop and listen. So while my journey goes far back beyond my adulthood, I will share about my career path after secondary school. I studied fine arts and sociology and shortly after graduating I began my career as a community aid for neurodiverse individuals and worked as a professional dancer and facilitator. This was an enriching time in my life full of challenges and openings to new ways of perceiving myself and the world. I shifted my relationship to what I knew of the human mind and the body and started to develop a deeper passion for spiritual growth. This career path led me to become the director of an integrated disability dance company. I loved serving groups of individuals to connect to their creativity and to dance freely. I later went on to create my own dance companies for professional dancers and for people with diverse needs. I have always been motivated to create elevating environments that invite people to show up as they are and express themselves authentically. This fills my heart.

Over the past 10 years, I have invested countless hours and energy in my training and my own transformation. I have devoted myself to clearing patterns and beliefs that do not serve me. I have redefined my relationship to my body again and again to come to a place of confidence, love and true appreciation. I have built myself up and tore everything down to start fresh and to unlock more inner knowing and potential. As a coach and teacher, I have a strong belief that I am a lifelong learner and I am continuously learning about myself and what it means to be a human being. I truly love to expand my understanding of my body, mind, heart, and spirit and I am always moving towards creating a deeper sense of self-responsibility, trust, and inner knowing.


Shifting into Embodiment. 

Perhaps you have heard about embodiment in the new age community, or from a yoga teacher, or maybe you googled the word. All of that is great and I have grown to know that embodiment is defined differently by each practitioner and individual based on their lived experience. This is how I define Embodiment and how it relates to my practice.


Embodiment is the expression of a thought, idea, feeling, or concept in the physical world. This could be in the form of movement, writing, art, speaking, sound-making, decision making and action taking. 


It is the practice of bringing forward what is alive within you into your daily life, your relationships, career, and creative practice(s). Embodiment is the integration of the body, mind, heart, and spirit to be a whole, full being. When you bring an idea or feeling into full embodiment you are 100% present with it, nothing within you is left behind or missing. An example of this is deciding to shift your thinking. When you decide to make a change in how you think about yourself or the world and the decision becomes a part of you, without wavering, this is an “embodied decision”. Every part of your being is on board and integrated. Another example is the embodiment of a feeling or sensation. Perhaps you experience anxiety or depression, expressing this through the body with movements or physical gestures is a tangible manifestation of what is within you. The embodiment of emotions or sensations serves you to understand yourself deeply and to witness what is present. This also serves as an entry point to alchemizing the emotion (seeing it, naming it, and letting go of it to move beyond it) and creating space for new emotions to come forward, such as gratitude, freedom, and joy. 


Now, I desire to share about my coaching style. 


I am a one fits one guide. 

No container, program, or offering is the same as every person is unique with their own lived experiences, emotions, strengths, skills, blocks, values, and genius. 

I use the tools I have acquired to serve you and create an elevating and  collaborative space to serve you to step into your personal power. 

You are in the driver seat. That means you decide how fast or slow we move. 

You are responsible for bringing forward the pieces within you to create what you desire and to clear whatever is not serving you. 

I am here to guide you and to support you to go inwards.

As your coach, I will continue to invite you to live intuitively. This means looking inwards and listening to what your next step is to move from desire to done. 

I serve you to trust yourself. 

The greatest gift you can accept is your ability to trust yourself. When you trust your intuition and listen to the nudges you receive, you open yourself up to abundance in every way imaginable. 


As your embodiment coach, I will guide you to move, to groove, to express yourself, to let go, and to break free of the box you have built around yourself. We always connect to the body first. The body speaks truth and it is a portal for self-mastery.

I will also guide you to write and check-in with yourself to develop true self-responsibility and access your mastery. 

As your coach I will use tools and practices that I have developed over the years of my own self-discovery. I will also integrate what I gained and learned from my mentors that have supported me to expand. 




I will challenge you. 


Perhaps that feels a bit intimidating to read. 

So please know that the only way to grow is to expand beyond your current perceived limitations and to step outside of your comfort zone. 


Here is a video to watch about Lobsters - I love it and watch it often when I feel myself collapsing in the face of expansion. 


My relationship with my clients

These relationships are full of exploration, laughter, connection, and meaning. I am committed to creating a space for unwavering trust, vulnerability and growth. I choose to create an elevating environment to serve people to pull back layers and know they will discover gems 


So at this point maybe you’re wondering how this all works?


Well, I have several program options and they are open to adults of all abilities, beliefs, genders, and lived experiences to participate in. 


My programs range from one-time sessions to four months of a deep dive into you.  I invite you to make your way to my services page to read more about what I offer. 


 If you find you are curious about my work and you desire to learn more I invite you to book a discovery call. 


We are all meant to move into alignment, which is our true nature. 


Are you ready to transform?

Be here, now

We are the creators of our reality. We have the ability to choose where we invest our time, how we speak to ourselves, how we react to what is around us and what our life looks like. Life is our truest masterpiece and we have the paintbrush. What do you desire to create for yourself?

Are you ready to?

  • Attune your body, mind, heart, and spirit today

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Move into alignment with your true desires and create the life you envision